Sound Judgment and Personalized Attention


Everyone, no matter their stage of life, should have properly drafted and updated estate planning documents. This is especially important if you have children. You do not want to pass away without creating a will because New York's intestate or default rules probably won't mirror your wishes. Our firm takes the time to review your entire financial picture and will carefully tailor solutions to meet your needs. We can help you with the following estate planning documents:

1) Wills

2) Trusts

3) Living Wills

4) Health Care Proxy

5) Power of Attorney


Globalization has caused disruptions in many sectors of the economy. While new industries and businesses emerge, old ones, both nationally and on Main Street America, unfortunately, slow down and fade. As a result, many hardworking people find themselves in dire financial straits due to no fault of their own. Also, unexpected circumstances, such as illness or injury, can leave families at the mercy of creditors. The bankruptcy process was created so that you are able to get a fresh start in pursuit of the American dream. Please contact us today to see if filing for bankruptcy is right for you. Our firm can assist you in the following types of bankruptcy:

Personal Bankruptcy:

*Chapter 7

*Chapter 13

Corporate Bankruptcy:

*​Chapter 7


We have experience advising start-up companies. Starting a company from scratch can be both intimidating and expensive. We provide reasonably priced services to start-up companies so that their company is built on a healthy and proper foundation. We can help your start-up in the following areas:

1) Entity Formation

2) Reviewing, Drafting, and Negotiating Contracts

3) Evaluating Liability and Risk Structure

4) Providing insight into protecting intellectual property


Our country needs individuals to run for office who are competent and of good moral character. Running for office comes with all the requisite filing responsibilities at the federal, state, and local level. In addition to filing responsibilities, there are many laws and regulations that govern political committees. If you want a hands-on lawyer to help you navigate through the many administrative pitfalls that running for office entails, please call us today for a free consultation. We can represent the following participants in the democratic process:

1) Candidates

2) Candidate campaign committees

3) PACs (Political Action Committees)

4) Donors

5) Campaign and political vendors